• Art Direction
  • CGI
  • Editing

a digital epic visual ride

Plug your headphones in, sit back and enjoy my Brand New Showreel featuring selected works from the last five years, including a variety of professional and personal projects.

It’s showcasing projects done for clients like: Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, Magneti Marelli/Citroën, Kawasaki, Pininfarina, Johnnie Walker, Tanquarey & Kappa

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skart™ showreel

Creative alchemist by nature

I’ve always been attracted by many forms of Design and through the years I’ve managed to immerse myself into Graphic Design, Typography, CGI, Motion Design and Sound Design. That’s why I’ve defined myself as a Digital and Creative Alchemist. So I’ve crafted a montage of my best and most recent work that showcases my Creative versatility at its best.

For creating an intense & exciting showreel which aimed to entertain more the viewers, I’ve chosen to introduce a dramatic emphasis in the montage through fast-paced editing. With a song that is pure adrenaline from The Prodigy Music Group and a rhythmic editing, the final video became powerful with a unique personality.

Intro breakdown

my growing creative
alchemy in motion

This breakdown video displays a before & after comparison:
a clay preview of the CGI scene and the final render with all the materials added, lighted and composited. In a low-light situation, the shiny crystals really stand out in the composition.


Selected frames