Cyber Slums | Dystopian Environment

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I’ve been working on this dystopian environment in live streams on twitch and after + 100 hours, I’m proud to release it.
So in this tutorial you will discover and follow along how to, model a complete cyberpunk environment in Maya, approach Texturing and Shading procedurally with the power of maya nodes, accomplish the Look Development and Lighting with the ACES workflow and finally composed the final artwork in Nuke.

A special thanks to Wzx, Rudrik and my fellow supporters Redcktl, Wooper, Piva, Horus, Josh, Mattia, Crysis Studio (Jean), Pyrelight, Syntax.

Inspired by two concept arts by Alejandro Burdisio & Khyzyl Saleem.

#Environment #CGI #Courses #Gumroad #Autodeskmaya #Arnoldrender #ACES #Nuke

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