A French

The motto of the alchemists
is ‘solve et coagula’ meaning
‘solution & coagulation’.

I’m Alexandre Huyaux,
an Art Director & CG
Artist, based in Turin
– I create unique Digital
Artefacts with knowledge
and passion.

I’m a 42 year-old Designer born and raised in Paris, France. I studied Graphic Design, CGI/Video production and post-production at MJM Art School of Paris.

I started this work in 2001, working for several Digital agencies in Paris. Through the years I’ve managed to immerse myself into many forms of Design including Graphic Design, CGI, Motion Design, Sound Design and Typography.

I moved to Italy in fall 2005, at Turin.
Then for almost a decade, I worked with Digital Creative Directors in managing various Creative departments, working closely with Copywriters, Designers and Developers, creating innovative Digital works and delivering enhanced end-user experience across a variety of Digital and Social Media platforms.

In 2016, I decided to get back to my Digital roots & my real passion: The world of CGI !

I’m now a CG Lead at Wedoo, a Digital Agency,
based in Turin-Italy.

My goal is to enhance visual storytelling through the artful application of lighting, color and composition.
It’s all about striving for beauty, placing technology at the service of aesthetics.
Along with a highly experienced team in the 3D Department, I work closely with the 3D Modelers, Animators and Lighter/Compositors, creating innovative CGI Photography and Animations mainly in the field of Automotive Digital Advertising.

I’ve also founded with another Designer, who is also my twin brother Sylvain Huyaux (Redcktl™), a Design Art Collective named Proscenium™ Creatives. During the last few years I have been so lucky to take part in the development of some amazing projects and to work with great minds.

Art Direction

Developing identities with distinguishing character, through the color harmonies, typography & composition balances, to create a unique brand experience.

CGI Photography

Common Photography is dead,
long live to CGI Photography !
Combining richness of a photo with imaginary of CGI to produce an eye-catching output.

CGI Animation

Translating great & innovative ideas into a high-end animation experience is always a challenging and exciting process.

Motion Design

Bringing an original concept to life with visual effects & animation to make your products and services interesting and engaging.

Grafik 14 Exhibition

I had the pleasure to showcase my visual artworks
during the Grafik Exhibition, among a hundred
national and international artists as:

• Brandon Boyd (USA) – brandonboyd.me
• Aaron Schwartz (Canada) – aaronschwartz.ca
• Mark Gmehling (Germany) – markgmehling.com
• Mehmet Gozetlik (Turkey) – mehmetgozetlik.com

Awards & Recognition

Design Charts – Ranked N°7
NewWebPick Award
French Design Index – Site of the day
Design Licks – Site of the day
Best Design Award – Site of the day
Gouw Award

Modern Web Design Award
Gouw Award
Design Snack Award
MyDesign Award
Linkage – Site of the week


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And many more…

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