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The legendary italian icon

FIAT’s concept for its FIAT 500 family was always that of a family of cars that keeps growing through innovation both in terms of technology as well as aesthetics and overall design.
And true to this commitment, FIAT has just launched the FIAT 500 Second Skin, a new and exclusive collection of models that widen any customer’s opportunities for customisation.

With the introduction of this new Second Skin collection, FIAT continues to stress the fun aspect of the 500 model as any driver’s opportunity to address his unique personality through an image and designs that can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

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Fiat 500 Second Skin

Unmistakably italian, the fiat 500 is iconic for a reason

B-play an independent creative group active since 2005 under the name of Bellissimo Vision, focused on interactive experiences & video productions, has been asked to produce a Digital Video Advertising to promote the brand new Second Skin Collection.

As the Art Director of the agency, I’ve carefully worked together with the Creative team to develop a strong concept and illustrate it with a storyboard/animatic. Then I’ve taken care of the production of the CGI in all its aspects. Everything was a challenge and fun to work at, the shading of the car with its realistic materials, the lighting that defined every details, the right angle-search for the camera animation, to the compositing of the final CGI sequences.

Aimed for the EMEA Markets (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), the video was released in more than 12 different languages. Fast, nimble and fun, the final Adv quickly conveys a true identity.

All eyes on me

Smarter, bolder
& more iconic
than ever before

For this new series that celebrates a fashion-forward icon,
I've managed to ensure that the car attracts attention by its sharp & shiny details.
This breakdown video displays a before & after comparison: a clay preview of the vehicle and the final render with all the materials added, lighted and composited.

Which style are you?

Wrap your car in a style to match your personality

I've carefully made all the FIAT 500 Second Skin models, that comes in a variety of new colours, trims and unique outer designs. Such as 'stitched' effect, individually coloured side mirrors, striped and camouflaged effect and more. These include the Camouflage, Comics Nero Giallo & Nero Rosso, Navy, Ethnic & Lord.

Details make the difference

CGI Close-ups


Data created


Cups of coffee


Frames rendered