NewWebPick invited me to participate with their E-Magazine, Passing Of Giant issue #36.
There is a small interview with me and a showcase, along so many other amazing artists! Definitely worth to read!

You can find the E-Magazine here:


Mike Harrison (United Kingdom) / Velcro Design (Portugal) / Dream Theme
(Ukraine) / Jae Choi (USA) / Pocotee Loh(Malaysia) / Wei Hou (Germany)

===Elite Interview===
Rodolfo Biglié (Argentina)

===Passing of Giant===
Oliver Durant/Bruna Guerreiro (England & Brazil) / Tom Carvalho (Brazil) / Narcissus (China)/
Alexandre Huyaux (France) / Bram Vanhaeren (Belgium) / Seto Wai Ping (Hong Kong)

===Super Pick===
Miki Mottes (Israel) / Juniar Vdaya (Indonesia) / LaoFang (china) / Sebastian Martinez (Colombia) /
So Yee Ling (Malaysia) / Estela A. Cuadro (Argentine)


Subscription for “NewWebPick” #36:

NewWebPick Website:

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