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  • Graphic Design
  • CGI

Travel with freedom

FIAT has just released its best panel van & leisure activity vehicle “Approved by Life”.
Modern, creative and original: the design of the new Doblò is attractive and unique.
The tour in Europe, the weekend in the mountains, with the girlfriend or with your friends: there is room for everything and for all in it.

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New fiat doblo

Ready for the big trip?

B-play an independent creative group active since 2005 under the name of Bellissimo Vision, focused on interactive experiences & video productions, has been asked to produce a Digital Video Advertising to promote the brand new Fiat Doblò.

As Art Director of the agency, I’ve carefully worked together with the Creative team to develop a strong visual identity and illustrated it with mood boards & rough compositions. Then I’ve supervised the whole project and make sure that the key concept was carried in the right direction. I’ve also designed part of the fun & colorful graphics.

And last but not the least, I’ve taken care of the production of the CGI in all its aspects. Everything was a challenge and fun to work at, from the shading of the vehicle with its stylized materials, the lighting that defined every details, the right angle-search for the camera animation, the rigging of the vehicle, to the compositing of the final CGI sequences.

With its snappy and original style, the final Adv quickly conveys a true identity.

CGI breakdown

An original
& surprising car

I've taken care of the rigging of the vehicle and all its animations in the video.
The main idea was to have realistic motion of the vehicle but also stylized in a way to keep the fun aspect of the video.

CGI breakdown

Spacious, fun
& versatile

This breakdown video displays a before & after comparison: a clay preview of the vehicle and the final render with all the materials added, lighted and composited.

An exciting journey

Selected frames & graphics