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Tears Of Sorrow™

  • Date: 2011
  • Role: Art Direction & Graphic Design.
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Wacom Tablet.

Tears Of Sorrow™
Maybe some of you have already got a peek at this new illustration, in the NewWebPick Magazine N°36 last month,
but now I’m happy to finally be sharing it with all of you!

Tears Of Sorrow™
For this artwork entitled Tears Of Sorrow™, my main idea was to portray a person struck by an intense sadness.
As if someone was stuck in a melancholy state of mind without knowing the reason and how to end it.

The warm colors, illustrating the last pieces of remaining joy, are vanishing into cold colors, that illustrate the pervasive sadness. Also, the smoothness and tenderness of the subject face is wrapped in a red blazing hair which is aimed to evoke a rain of blood and pain. In contrast, the blue tones are textured with some really frozen and sharp materials.

Tears Of Sorrow™
The logotype can be break down into two parts:
- “the Tears of” part has a calligraphic fontype evoking the liquid substance of the tears and the emotive fragility of the subject.
- the “sorrow” part has a strong fontype with all upper-case letters, to reinforce the strength of the word itself.

Tears Of Sorrow™
At the end, all of it is embedded in a geometric shape, aimed to recall a giant tear drop.

Hope you’ll enjoy this brand new illustration!
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Hey guys, I’m happy to see that my last illustration named Tears Of Sorrow™ has gone viral!
I’ve seen it published in many cutting-edges inspiration websites [...]
Definitely worth to read, read it now!

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