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Design & craftsmanship

Every Maserati, constructed with the utmost attention to detail, is a true masterpiece of Italian Design. Both for the road and for the race track, Maserati has built some of the most extraordinary automobiles the world has ever seen.

Through the evolution of its Designs, Maserati has led the way in automotive fashion, with unique cars, elegant yet sporty, always with highly personal, distinctive lines.

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Livigno Ice Racing Track

Environmental & Climatic Testing

B-play an independent creative group active since 2005 under the name of Bellissimo Vision, focused on interactive experiences & video productions, has been asked to produce a series of Digital Video Advertising aimed to exhibit the effectiveness and powerness of Maserati Cars through different environmental and climatic tests.

As the Art Director of the agency, I’ve carefully worked together with the Creative team to develop a strong visual identity & illustrate it with mood boards & rough compositions.

Then I’ve designed all the high-tech typography, graphics and visual animations to carry the key concept of each individual parts. Then I’ve supervised all the post-production, from animation to editing and color grading.

In-depth look

A fine selection of the other climatic tests
Adria Intl Raceway 1:00

Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale is on the famous international Race track for a long run test, a total of 10 laps/car, to verify the longevity of the carbon-ceramic brakes.

Mondovì Langhe Route 0:54

Maserati with its Ghibli S Q4 make some important reliability test, which means driving the vehicles on all kinds of different surfaces that replicate the conditions in which customers will have to drive.

Stelvio National Park 1:00

Maserati chose the famous Stelvio Pass to exert an enormous amount of stress on the Quattroporte model to finalize its final stages of reliability tests on its vehicles.

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