• Art Direction
  • Graphic Design

Artistic expression through digital experimentation

Cursed Fate™ is part of my collection of personal artworks that i’ve crafted. I love once in a while to explore different ways of artistic expression, experiment new techniques, mix various kind of materials and textures.

“You can evade life,

but yo can not evade death”

– T.S. Elliot

My main idea for this artwork was to illustrate a woman who was the protagonist of her final personal judgement.

As Ezekiel wrote in the bible {18:20}:
“The soul who sins shall die.”

Dressed in white, the purity symbol for Christianity, I ‘ve attempted to evoke the idea that she seemed to have the desire to hide her obscure truth and to deceive her fate. The contrast made by the woman’s white dress and the tenebrous background landscape, has been also made for strengthening this crucial moment.

The protagonist’s face is blurred, as if it was dripping in tears in the oblivion, and this is aimed to evoke that her sins have corroded her soul, that her dignity is long gone. She has turned nameless.

The sparks wrapping her body, are like a vivid bonfire, and aimed to reinforce the idea of this inevitable and already begun, apocalyptic celebration.

The truth is in the details

Illustration close-ups