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Skart™ Website Fully Reloaded

  • Date: 2011
  • Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design & Programming.
  • Tools: Autodesk 3D StudioMax, Adobe After Effect, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash.

Fresh Website for Skart™

Fresh Website for Skart™

Fresh Website for Skart™

Fresh Website for Skart™

Fresh Website for Skart™
It’s show time! After few months of creativity explorations, brainstorming sessions with Redcktl™ and day n’ night work, I’m proud to present you my website in a completely renewed graphic identity.

My goal was to achieve a more vibrant and brighter version with a simple and clear layout. It was all about subtle balance between putting the focus on the portfolio elements and putting it on the website Design.

I’ve also made a small redesign of my logo. I’ve mainly decrease the thickness of the font and made some small adjustments. Finally I’ve added the payoff “Creative alchimist” who is matching really my Design philosophy.

Additional technical notes:
Yeah, I know… Flash! Why?!
I’ve choose Freedom and browser consistency. My opinion is that Flash provides a degree of freedom of development that’s not found elsewhere. With Flash, you don’t need to worry about which browsers your page will render correctly in and which will choke on it. Your page renders the same way – correctly — in all browsers.

Go for it and enjoy it!

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